Presentation @ Club Forster Dart Area

Saturday 10th December


Forster sixes darts challenge Club Forster
11-12th Nov 2017 14 teams Max.

Forster Sixes Darts Challenge 2016 Results


1st: No Name                  Captain       Bev Davis

2nd Di's Devils                Captain       Di Seath

3rd  Saint & Sinners 2    Captain       Zelma Moran

4th Duck Squad              Captain       Cheryl O'Neill

5th Bad Company           Captain       Colleen Nichols

6th Shockers                   Captain       Jo Beavan


180's Ray Lane x 2, Jim Davies x 3, Michael Brown x 4, Andy Faulkner x 2, Jake Patterson x 1 Brandan Lee x 1 Ron Deegan x 1 Brendan Porter x1 Steve Freebie x 1 Ronnie Robinson x 1 Dave Slater x 1 Murray Blackman x 1 Sue O'Conell x 1

171's Brendan Porter x 1  Steve Oswald x 1


A great weekend Enjoyed by all players and spectators alike. I'd like to say thank you to Margaret and Marcus for all there help. And all the teams for making the event what it was and that was a great weekend the whole event ran pretty smooth with every ones co-operation.

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