Grand Finals Monday 17th Oct


        Div 1  Grand Finals  Mon 17th             Di's Devils v Scorpions         at Club Fortser


            Div 2  Grand Finals Mon 17th              Phantoms   v Pelicans          at  Club Fortser


All Grand Finals at Club Forster


Forster sixes darts challenge Club Forster
12-13th Nov 2016 14 teams Max. All 14 team spots now taken

Forster Sixes Darts Challenge:


You may have more than 6 Players per Team But:


Only 6 may play in any one game and the average guide lines must be adhered to ie: Only 2 players18 or over 1 player Under 14 with a minimum of 2 ladies or 2 men per game.

Toss of a coin to see who chalks first . Chalk and walk. Alternate games.

Played to a result.

Phil Taylor Gen 3

22g 24g 26g

$155.00 per set

RRP $179.95   ...

Target Daytona Fire

21g - 26g 3 Shapes

$179.00 per set

RRP $199.95   ...


Free online Darts Magazine well worth a look