Changes to the Draws

Due to a Team pulling out in Division 2 I have had to do a new draw. All results from games 1 - 4 in division 2 are now no longer valid and your new comp 2 Started this week Mon 18/7/16. It is now a 10 week comp with 6 teams no bye.


Please also note That the second round is not in the same order as the first. This was so that there were no venue clashes and could not be avoided.


This caused one small change to the Division 1 Draw for match 6 and 13 match 6 team 2 will now be at home and 6 away and in match 13 6 will be at home and 2 will be away.



NSW Darts Legends Calendar 2016

Nominated Teams For Forster Sixes Challenge 2016

Forster sixes darts challenge
12-13th Nov 2016
Club Forster
14 teams Max.

1: Adams Family        (Bev Davies)

2: 6 Amigoes              (Dot Mueller)

3: Shockers                (Andy Faulkner)

4: Saints & Sinners 2  (Zelma Moran)

5: Switch Footers        (Ann Walton)

6: Devils                      (Di Seath)

7: Bad Company         (Colleen Nichols)


8: Whatever              (Craig Smith)

9: Got Nuthin             (Pat Crawford)







Forster Sixes Darts Challenge:


You may have more than 6 Players per Team But:


Only 6 may play in any one game and the average guide lines must be adhered to ie: Only 2 players18 or over 1 player Under 14 with a minimum of 2 ladies or 2 men.

The new Phil Taylor darts.

I have 1 set 22g & 26g

$150.00 per set

Our first year in the new darts area has been a great success. Hopefully this year will be even better. We have six Legends days (over 45's) and the sixes darts challenge in November this was very successful last year especially as it was the first time of running.

The Monday night comp starts on the 1st of February and we have 11 of the 16 teams playing from the club.

We also have North coast League games and have procured the State Junior Fours competition in July.


This makes it look like a successful 2016


Free online Darts Magazine well worth a look