Great Lakes Darts Association

North Coast Darts League (NCDL) 1984 - 2016

North Coast Darts League was formed in 1984. The format was six players per grade A,B &C mens & Ladies making a 36 player team per association.
It consisted of 4 Assosiations Great Lakes, Manning River, Hastings District & Coffs Harbour.
1985 saw the inclusion of Camden Haven.
1990 saw the inclusion of Kendal Kew
1991 Kendal Kew withdrew
1993 saw the inclusion of Maclay Valley

1997 Maclay Valley became Clance River
2000 Camden Haven Withdrew
2001 Nambucca Heads Joined
2007 Manning River withdrew
2011 Coffs Harbour withdrew
This left only 4 teams.
2016 Some teams had been struggling to field teams for a couple of years this was the last year of what had been a very succesful competition.  

2016 singles winners